Fast Company reporter Adele Peters presents a new kind of temporary housing solution that creates an easy and affordable place to live in just a matter of days. The Hub, created by Rotterdam-based design firm Kraaijvanger, is a prefab square kit with a kitchen, shower, toilet, heat, sound system, and internet, that can be assembled in any empty space, like an abandoned warehouse or office building. There is also an extra Hub with space for a bed.

The Hub is intended to help bring more apartments to the quickly growing city of Rotterdam where affordable housing can be difficult to find. Rents could potentially be around $550. Peters writes:

The Hub makes use of something the Netherlands has an abundance of—empty or abandoned commercial space. "Across the country, you’ll find empty office and retail space," says David Hess, an architect at Kraaijvanger, the Rotterdam-based design firm that created the Hub. "Transformation [into residential space] is often very expensive, so owners wait till a good return on investment. Thanks to the Hub, properties can be converted in no time without the need of a large investment."

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