TechHome Builder Greg Vellante takes a look at Pardee Homes' courtship of millennials via a wireless standard package being built into four Pardee communities this year.

For millennials, connectivity is one of the most important factors in location, and the ability to offer a seamless and strong wireless connection could be a game-changer for production builders, Vellante writes:

By offering wireless as a standard, Pardee Homes is cutting right to the chase of what appeals to Millennial buyers these days—a fast, reliable network that covers the wide range of wireless technology that fuels this generation’s day-to-day routines.

Pardee has begun installing the technology in about 400 homes, and growing.

These devices ensure buyers will have plenty of horsepower for the demarcation point between the local area network and the wide area network ... This wireless as a standard package will go in mid-market homes that range between $300,000 and $400,000. It costs the builder about a thousand dollars to include the package. 

Klif Andrews, president of Pardee Homes, says it’s well worth it in terms of wireless strength. “When you move into a house, don’t you want your router working the first hour you’re there?” says Andrews, adding that a lot of steps in the moving process—such as ordering cable packages or even electricity service—are often done online.

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