Silica exposure.

JLC Online editor Clayton DeKorne reports that clearing the OMB is one of the the last official hurdles the "silica rule" needs before becoming, well, a "rule." Up until this point it's only been a "proposed rule." In effect, an OSHA rule is law.

DeKorne reports on the long saga around resetting the permissible exposure limit to a lower level of silica exposure. Builders are afraid of government and regulatory overreach. DeKorne writes:

Despite questions of how broadly the rule might be applied in the construction industry, silica dust control measures boil down to wearing a half-face respirator and using water or vacuums to dampen dust exposure. Silica dust particles are not super fine like asbestos so common sense says that even a paper dust mask is going to help limit exposure, and possibly save you or one of your workers from hacking up a lung in old age.

Would seem worth it in such a case, no?

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