The House of Representatives passed a so-called energy bill last week that does little more for energy than prop up outdated policies and an increasingly uncompetitive fossil fuel industry while turning a blind eye to the forward-looking clean energy policies, says Elizabeth Noll, legislative director of the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Most relevant to home builders is that the energy efficiency section of this bill would increase energy use compared to current baselines by a whopping 20 quads through 2040 and cost consumers $20 billion extra on their energy bills.

In particular, the building energy codes provisions would weaken the current state and local building energy code development and adoption process and mandate a flawed, short-sighted metric in building energy codes costing consumers $23 billion over the next 25 years.

The bill also doesn't address the need to act on climate change and instead will made the problem worse. Because of these problems, the Natural Resources Defense Council and 15 other environmental organizations opposed the bill. 

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