The home building labor shortage appears particularly acute in north Texas, as reported by WFAA in Dallas:

Brand new homes in North Texas have steadily become more expensive. The average price is now $337,000. Some of that is because of the rising cost of things you see, like land and materials. But another big increase is driven by the people you don’t see. Many work sites are missing the workers needed to construct dwellings quickly.

Kevin Egan, President of American Legend Homes, says, “It’s extremely difficult to build houses just because of the labor shortage. I’ve been in Dallas since 1985, and it’s probably the worst labor market I have ever seen.”

It’s really slowing down development. With more skilled laborers, Egan says in one subdivision his company would likely have closed on nearly double the 38 new homes they’ve sold there so far this year, “We probably could have been in the 70’s”.

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