In 2014 during the oil boom wells in North Dakota were producing more than 1 million barrels of Bakken oil a day but today those numbers have dropped. Kris Maher takes a look at falling oil prices and the effect that this has had in North Dakota

The city examined for this article was Williston, a city where the population had reached 36,000 by 2014 (triple the total from 8 years ago). Today that number has slipped to 32,000, but city officials are prepared for this oil industry downturn:

City officials say they learned from past oil industry downturns, including a severe one in the 1980s, and limited their exposure this time around. Amid the recent land rush, for example, the city agreed to install water and sewer services only to the edge of planned developments. Some projects have been put on hold, and the city has far less to lose if they never get built.

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