New product from Massive Labs

Massive Labs, a Palo Alto, Calif., start-up company, plans to build an entire product design company without any kind of investment, according to Daniel Terdiman in an article on Fast Company. 

Bill Burnett, the executive director of Stanford’s design program, has experienced failed start-up ventures before, and been left with wasted product in the end. He decided that there has to be a better way to get entrepreneurial ventures kicked off, so along with two co-founders, he's decided to fuel Massive Labs through crowdfunding only. Money for developing, manufacturing, and selling each of its products will be raised solely through the "thumps-up or thumbs-down" of the people. 

In effect, Massive is leveraging all of the tricks that countless others have learned about how to make products via crowdfunding campaign. But where most designers have used those campaigns as one-offs—with some of course eventually leading to very profitable companies—Massive is using them for each individual product, all in the context of a company that treats each product as a discrete element, independent from the others.

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