Many early adopters of smart home technology coming out of the Internet of Things have found a lot of their devices don't work 100% of the time. This is largely due to poor Wi-Fi connectivity between the connected devices like your smart phone and your light switch. 

The Wi-Fi Alliance, which Wired writer Brian Barrett says is the organization that dictates and advances Wi-Fi standards, has recently announced its next feat: Wi-Fi HaLow. According to Barrett, HaLow is essentially Wi-Fi for low powered devices like your smart watch, connected coffee maker and 'whatever other connected appliance might suit your deranged fancy.'

The Wi-Fi Alliance thinks HaLow will solve exactly the kinds of problems that are keeping homes from smartening up. Besides which, there’s something to be said for the power of trust. “People know and love Wi-Fi,” says Robinson, “and Wi-Fi HaLow devices certified by Wi-Fi Alliance will give them confidence to adopt this new technology.”

However, HaLow isn't here quite yet. The Wi-Fi Alliance won't begin certifying HaLow products until 2018, then the tech has to make its way into your routers, and then into your wearables and various other devices.

That’s all going to take a significant amount of time, during which Bluetooth will also continue to iterate and improve. Not to mention that Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, while arguably the most recognizable standards encroaching on the IoT space, are just two of several connectivity options. (Ever heard of ZigBee and Z-Wave, for example?)

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