Photographer: John Kirk

Walk Score staffer Rachel Musiker reports on why New York is the best city for public transportation in the new year. It earned a Transit Score of 84.1 on the site's yearly rankings.

New York took the number one spot as far as the best public transit, but San Francisco, Boston, and the District of Columbia also rank among the best. New York's Transit Score increased by 2.9 points since 2014's ranking. This past September it extended the 7 line to the new 34th St.-Hudson Yards Station.

“Urban dwellers today want convenience,” said Redfin chief economist Nela Richardson. “Particularly in congested urban areas, a car may be the slowest way to get around the city. 

 “We spend a lot of time with our clients researching nearby bus and rail routes and stops, so being able to easily see that Union City, for example, has a higher Transit Score than pricier Jersey City (70) gives buyers another easy way to compare and evaluate homes, neighborhoods and cities.”

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