New York Magazine's Nick Tabor takes a look at a series of serious tech upgrades that are currently underway throughout New York City.  

Three notable projects include a new smartphone-trackable bus system (thanks to the GPS units the city installed in all of its buses last year), a city-wide Wi-Fi network created through 10,000 hubs—called pylons— which will also feature phone charging stations, and a real-time gunshot detection system that can potentially pinpoint each gunshot within seconds using acoustic gunshot-monitoring equipment.

Additionally, a new development called Intelligent Living at Hudson Yards, which is the largest private-real estate development in the city's history, will be constructed on platforms over a leased MTA rail yard.  

As part of the site's showpiece aspirations, software will track and predict pedestrian traffic flows, measure indoor and outdoor air quality, and even keep an eye on residents’ health and activity levels (if they choose to allow it to). The project also boasts an on-site cogeneration power plant and microgrid (with a lot of monitoring), and a smart vacuum-tube waste-disposal system that accommodates organics, recyclables, and trash.

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