Photo courtesy Quartz/Dan Frommer
Photo courtesy Quartz/Dan Frommer

The R70i suit, created by the design firm Applied Minds allows the wearer to experience feeling 100 years old. Quartz staffer Mike Murphy gives his experience in wearing the suit. 

Made up of a suit, exo-suit, Oculus virtual reality headset, and giant headphones, the R70i distorts the wearer's version of reality allowing them to fully experience the struggles of growing old:

The aim of the suit, says Ferren, is to show people that we need to pay greater attention to the effects of aging on those close to us. It’s difficult to empathize with pain you can’t see, or debilitations that aren’t readily apparent. The R70i could also theoretically be used for the opposite result, he said: To return mobility and senses to the elderly.

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