Drones are the new consumer/pro crossover focus.

Wild West days may soon be over for drone hobbyists. A federal task force called for registration for any aircraft weighing little more than a half-pound.

Wired contributor Klint Finley (don't try to say that name five times fast) reports that in light of the popularity of drones only expected to grow, the FAA decided to convene the a task force to develop a registration scheme that could enforce accountability by creating a traceable link between a drone and its owner. Finley writes:

The big surprise in the recommendations was not that the FAA would ask for drone pilots to register, but that the task force is recommending registration even for pilots flying relatively light drones—250 grams or more. According to the proposal, the task force decided that the primary consideration for deciding which drones would be exempt from the registration requirement was the mass of the aircraft, and the primary safety scenario they considered was a collision between a drone and a person on the ground. Based on safety studies and risk probability calculations, the task force determined that the anything heavier than 250 grams—about half-a-pound—posed enough risk to require pilots to register.

Okay, you're thinking it; I'm thinking it: What's next, a weight-watchers support group for drones who start looking prosperous after too many Thanksgiving dinners?

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