Rooftop solar runs into constraints in New Hampshire.

The cold winter up north creates high energy demands, and since New Hampshire relies heavily on natural gas over electricity for heating homes, there's a potential for a natural gas shortage. 

In an article for CleanTechnica, Peter Allen argues this is an opportune moment for New Hampshire to lift its cap on net energy metering, which has spurred rooftop solar growth in 43 states by making renewable energy more affordable. Allen writes that arguments that rooftop solar will not benefit ratepayers are false, considering independent studies in Vermont, Nevada, Mississippi, and other states have proven rooftop solar actually benefits all electricity ratepayers.

From a common sense perspective, New Hampshire should be embracing rooftop solar as the natural solution to its pending natural gas shortage, not capping it. The people of New Hampshire deserve a local, clean energy future that they can help power from their homes if they choose to do so.

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