Courtesy MHI

Federal energy standards for manufactured homes haven't changed significantly in more than 20 years, but new rules now in the works would lower heating and cooling costs for homeowners, reports Green Building Advisor's Scott Gibson.

The new rules would reduce energy consumption by an estimated 27% and save homeowners thousands of dollars, according to a member of the committee that helped draft the plan. The standard will be open for public comment through Aug. 16.

Energy requirements for manufactured housing, once commonly called mobile homes, are handled differently than they are for other kinds of housing. It's up to individual jurisdictions to adopt an energy code that covers site-built and modular houses. New versions of the International Energy Conservation Code became available in 2012 and 2015, with states free to choose whatever version they like, or go without. But because manufactured housing can be delivered across state lines, the HUD Code spells out requirements for manufactured housing in all states.

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