There's a lot of hype around 3D printers right now, and as each successive printer gets better, smarter, and faster, the hype continues to grow. 

Most recently, Nikita Chen-yun-tai, an engineer from Russia, built a 3D printer that's meant to be placed in the middle of a construction site and build outward around it. It can build roughly 2,067 square-feet from a single point with virtually no height limitations. It doesn't leave any construction waste and only needs eight kilowatts of energy to do its job.

The Apis-Cor can eliminate a lot of errors associated with traditional concrete construction, while at the same time eliminating a number of environmental and safety hazards. In fact, it can be used to construct a building in just one day, which is truly astounding. A machine like this could well revolutionize the construction process, not to mention the level of impact it would make if it were used in the developing world.

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