The Public Utilities Commission in Nevada voted to kill net metering, for both future and current users, in the state back in December, causing SolarCity to shut down future installations and kill hundreds of jobs. According to a poll, 89% of Nevadans reject the PUC decision.

This week, the PUC is expected to decide whether they'll at least allow existing solar customers to be grandfathered in. Leading the charge to encourage PUC is the new Bring Back Solar campaign.

Leilani Munter, a professional race car driver, and the Bring Back the Solar campaign are fighting a two-pronged battle against the entrenched utility — first, for a near-term fix for existing solar owners with the aforementioned grandfathering push, which would extend the old regulation for existing solar owners. This allows them to operate their systems and get the payback that they were promised by the state by way of the net metering regulation that was in place.

The second prong of the war is the longer battle to actually reverse the new net metering regulation that was put in place. To get solar on the ballot, a referendum had to be filed which still needs to be approved. If it gets approved, the team needs to pull together 55,000 signatures… which should not be an issue considering that, in just 2 weeks, the team gathered 30,000 signatures to share with the PUCN. At that point, the issue will be on the ballot in November for the public to vote on.

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