On Friday, Nevada Public Utilities Commission shot down the proposal to grandfather in existing solar users from the rate hike. However, they voted unanimously to implement a 12-year rate plan that would increase costs over time and give solar users plenty of time to adjust.

This comes as a major blow after the December decision to reduce solar owners' compensation for exported energy, which affected current and future customers. The public, along with solar companies, fought back against the decision, arguing the market changes are unfair to current solar users who invested in solar panels knowing they would be able to pay off the investment by selling back energy to the grid.

The status of a pending class-action lawsuit remains undetermined. NV Energy, the Nevada utility benefiting most from recent net metering changes made by the NPUC, will now be a defendant in a class-action lawsuit filed by two individual PV system owners.

The two plaintiffs, John Bamforth and Stanley Schone, argue that they would never have invested in their PV systems had they known Nevada’s net metering program would be scaled back as dramatically as it has been

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