The U.S. Department of Energy earlier this fall selected its Housing Innovation Award winners, and an analysis by the National Association of Home Builders has found that 27 of the 29 winners are NAHB members. Among them were the Grand Winners: Clifton View Homes Inc., Coupeville, Wash.; (tie): Revive Properties and Philgreen Construction, Fort Collins, Colo.; Thrive Home Builders, Denver; Mandalay Homes, Phoenix; Imery Group, Athens, Ga.; and Dwell Development, Seattle.

For many builders, the award comes after years of experimentation followed by incremental change.

“We have worked relentlessly with our architects and engineers to reduce the amount of lumber needed in our homes through advanced framing techniques and some value engineering,” said Mandalay Homes Chief Technical Officer Geoff Ferrell in a press release.

“We work with our trade partners to make sure they understand our priorities and we help them find ways to reduce waste and reuse bits that would otherwise go to the local dump. A marked reduction in the amount of material delivered to our sites is a great indicator of our efforts.”

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