While Pittsburgh gets props as the "most livable city," publications often don't account for the fact that the city’s livability is distributed unequally across lines of race and class. New Geography staffer Nick Coles takes a look at the divides that exist in housing for city along these lines.

Coles speaks on how the city's affordable housing is being replaces by high end units for young professionals which is further increasing the racial divide. Rent in the city have become unmanageable for this portion of the population:

Rents in the transit center buildings start at $1,100 a month for a studio apartment. No units have been reserved for tenants whose income is below the city’s median income, which in Pittsburgh is $37,161 overall, and $21,790 for black residents. Calculating housing expenses at 30% of income, maximum rents would be $929 and $545 respectively.

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