​ contributor Jamie Wiebe rounds up 10 interior design trends that are best left in 2015, including industrial-inspired everything, black-and-white spaces,​, and velvet.

Reminding readers of the short-lived nature of design trends—such as the Crayola-plastered homes of the '80s— a fresh year means it's time to try something new. So, goodbye to mixed metals and the undeniably attractive, yet unsanitary reality that is open shelving. Another fad to nix this year: writing on the wall— literally.

Stop putting writing on your walls. You don’t need to stick the word “family” in the middle of your gallery wall—we know. And believe it or not, most guests will understand that a kitchen is for “EAT”ing without enormous metal letters stating as such. Let your guests determine each room’s intentions without spelling it out for them.

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