Recently, WalletHub released a study on the places that are likely to become victim to identity theft and fraud, and the District of Columbia, Florida, and Nevada tops the list. 

Along with these states, Oregon and Washington also has the most identity theft complains. Among the fewest complaints are South Dakota, Iowa, and Hawaii. Each state is based on demographics, Florida cracks the top 5 because it is known as a retirement state. 

There have been more than 700 data breaches this year alone, compromising personal information such as Social Security and credit card numbers. And criminals often need just a Social Security number to open a new line of credit under your identity. 

For criminals, “a lot of those states with smaller populations, they’re just not priorities,” says WalletHub spokeswoman, Jill Gonzalez. The survey considered complaints per 100,000 residents, but retailers and banks based in those locations appear to be lesser targets, she says.

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