Parents' oversight of teenage children's digital doings.

With the face of technology seemingly evolving daily, what are you doing to monitor your teen(s)' online and mobile activity? Pew Research Center staffer Monica Anderson takes a look at the results of a new survey showing how parents monitor their teens online activities. 

One take away is that a majority of parents employ digital grounding or restrict their teen's online access:

Sixty-five percent of parents say they have taken away their teen’s internet privileges or cellphone as punishment, while half of parents limit how often their teen can be online. Pew Research Center surveys have found that 92% of teens say they go online daily, with 24% using the internet “almost constantly,” and nearly three-quarters of teens have access to a smartphone. Therefore, “digital grounding” is a potentially potent form of discipline. 

For more information on monitoring the digital activities of your teen, head over to Pew Research Center:

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