Tucson, Az. makes the grade for work/life balance cities.

Balances. How we gravitate toward them, at least in our minds. We want things, but we also want time. We want work that's challenging, but we also want moments with loved ones and friends that become memories. We want space; but we also want convenient connectivity to jobs and restaurants and stores.

So, MarketWatch staffer Catey Hill fed a bunch of these priorities into data and algorithm machines, and out came the names of four cities that align with a number of key areas families value. Hill writes:

MarketWatch has identified four cities where it’s easier to achieve work/life balance. To compile this list, we first looked at cities with affordable homes in good school districts. (We did this because most lists about where to raise a family simply look at the city’s overall school ranking, which misses the mark, because the good schools may only be in unaffordable areas.)

See what the other criteria are that led to the selection of this line-up.

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