Median household income in January 2016 remained steady at $57,288, according to Sentier Research and reported by Cheryl Russell of Demo Memo, as December 2015 posted a similar median, after adjusting for inflation.

But there was growth year-over-year. The January 2016 median was 4.0% higher than the January 2015 median and 10.3% above the $51,945 median of August 2011, the low point in Sentier's household income series.

“There has been a general upward trend in median household income since the post-recession low point reached in August 2011," reports Sentier. "Many monthly changes were not statistically significant. By the summer of 2014 however, that uneven trend became dominated by a series of significant monthly increases." According to Sentier's Gordon Green, low energy prices have contributed significantly to the rise in real median household income.

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