S House

Gizmag's Adam Williams profiles the S House, which was recently debuted by Vietnam's Vo Trong Nghia Architects at the Chicago Architecture Biennial. The concept was designed for low-income families and is expected to cost less than $1,000 to construct, and is now nearing the mass production stage. The home consists of one large room measuring 340 square feet. 

The current prototype is built with a concrete foundation, raised wooden floor (to protect against pests and minor flooding), and galvanized steel frame with a corrugated steel sheet roof. The exterior of the home can be covered in any material of the client's choosing, or costs can be kept lower by using locally available materials. The home will be resilient in severe weather such as typhoons and hurricanes, and while the home can be assembled in just a few short hours, the expected lifespan for a typical S House is rated at an impressive 30 years or more. 

S House will first be available in Vietnam, then worldwide, with a particular focus on developing areas in Africa, Asia, and South America. No availability date has been announced yet.

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