Sexy sells high-end real estate.

In home real estate--as with many of us frail human souls--love may be the sounder, more material virtue; but doggonit if it's not sex that sells better.

Wall Street Journal staffer Stefanos Chen tips his hat to St. Valentine in this semantic probe of home sales' "terms of endearment," as in words that work better selling houses. Chen taps in to a analysis of listings of 1.6 million for-sale homes for trigger words, mapping the terms to price ranges. Here's the bottom line take-away:

Listings with the word “romance” had a median asking price of $820,000. “Seductive” homes listed for a median $640,000, and “sexy” properties had a $620,000 median price.

Home listings with the words "love" and "lovely," not so much.


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