Wall Street Journal staffer Kelly Marages provides insight on how homeowners can take decor lessons from luxury hotels.

In Jacksonville, Fla.,  interior designer Phoebe Howard took inspiration from luxury hotels to design her guest room made for couples in her Georgia home. Her book "Mrs. Howard, Room by Room" describes a farmhouse cottage that is made up of three chambers. The rooms are hospital for couples and their children. 

Mrs. Howard executed these practicalities without sacrificing the old-fashioned Southern charm one expects from a farm property. 

For commodious sleeping, the designer found reproduction spindle beds. With the help of a few of the clients’ 19th-century antiques, she relied on juxtaposition, not blandness, to achieve gender neutrality: Rough-hewed pine offsets delicate Provençal bedding; a dainty desk supports heavy carved lamps.

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