HAMP modifications and re-fis decline as housing heals. Here's where "serious delinquency rates are higher than normal.

CoreLogic's Distressed Market Overview--a monthly dashboard of residential workout data from proprietary loan modifications, government modifications, etc.--shows a steadily improving market with a few cranky exceptions.

Those exceptions--the "laggard markets" where foreclosure timelines are like watching paint dry thanks to judicial process in the settlements--are the remaining focus, in addition to places where "seriously delinquent" loan rates eclipse the national averages. CoreLogic analyst Faith Schwartz writes of a possible continued role for policy in housing's road to recovery:

Clearly there are key markets in which recovery has been elusive. The drag on recovery in certain CBSAS suggests there may be other opportunities to assist these markets that belie the traditional route of recovery in order to rectify the lingering effects of distressed housing in these hardest hit communities.

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