TreeHugger's environmental watchdog Lloyd Alter has found a new project to critique, one of the largest planned LEED-Platinum residential developments in Florida. The urban design expert takes to task the USGBC and the 160-unit Mirabella at Village Green community currently under construction in Bradenton, Fla.

Alter gives the development points for its location on the greenfield site of a former golf course, but questions its lack of insulation, dismal walkability score, and "garage-forward" design. Although the energy- and water-efficient community will be an improvement over conventional Florida construction, Alter--who in the past has criticized the LEED program for being too lax--is not pacified. 

Is this good enough for LEED certification, let alone Platinum? Is this subdivision, with its low walkscore, horrible streetscape, auto-centric snout house design, inadequate insulation, good enough? I don't think so. These are all important and It should count for something.

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