Pet-friendliest places in all the land, per Abodo.

Apartment finder site, Abodo has cobbled an infographic that aggregates data from thousands of rentals across the United States, and pinpoints what it asserts is the most pet friendly cities for renters.

There's a spectrum of four levels of welcomeness to potential renters with a dog, cat, or other creature of the pet spectrum: Not pet friendly; a little pet friendly; kind of pet friendly; and most pet friendly. Here's what the site says about the numbers:

New York is a surprising haven for dogs, and favorable when it comes to having a roommate of the feline variety. The wide-open spaces of Omaha cater to dog owners not only with dog friendly businesses but apartments aplenty. Texas takes the lead here for pet owners. We can speculate this is due to great climate, but also the huge amount of pet-friendly businesses.

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