If you're a Jim Cramer fan, as are we, his not-so-subtle proclamations regarding the stock market sound like visions from the Oracle of Bambeez, a voice to be trusted. Here's a recap from his show on CNBC:

When Janet Yellen speaks on Friday, Jim Cramer thinks she could make a case for a strong economy that is ready for multiple rate hikes.

"I bet a small tightening will turn out to be a buying opportunity, even as there are always weak-handed traders who sell on any rate increase," the "Mad Money" host said.

When Cramer listened to the stellar Toll Brothers earnings conference call on Tuesday, it was clear to him why the housing market is doing so well. Toll Brothers dominates the high-end real estate market, building homes that average $843,000.

"You have to remember … housing punches above its weight. Meaning, when housing is strong it leads to all sorts of good things for the economy, including the desire to spend money improving your house in order to augment its worth," Cramer said.

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