Neighbors too close for comfort? New densities spark new challenges.

Wall Street Journal staffer Kris Hudson looks into cases of fall-out created as neighbors awaken to a reality-check over just how small their home sites are amid a broad trend of densification.

An ever-elusive balance between price, value, lot size, home square-footage, and affordability has created some new wrinkles for land acquisition and community planner types who're wrestling with tighter lots for single-family homes. Hudson writes:

The main culprit of the squeeze is land prices, which are up 95% since 2009 and are within 16% of their 2006 peak, according to housing research firm Zelman & Associates. That means developers must jam more lots onto each acre for projects to work financially.

Some owners of new homes on small lots describe the proximity to neighbors as an opportunity for communal bonding. But most find it annoying enough to erect privacy screens or install frosted windows.

We say, good opportunity for landscape designers whose value proposition is a level of privacy, despite proximity. Orienting the home's footprint on the lot is also an important tactic as densities grow.

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