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PHC News editorial director Ashlei Cooper delves into the topic of the Internet of Things, and how it applies to basic home function at the plumbing and mechanicals level. She explores the preliminary systems development, partnering, and early readings on traction and adoption.

“It’s interesting to see individuals focus on IoT from a definition of ‘connecting everything so systems and equipment can now talk back and forth.’ That is only the enablement piece of what IoT is,” said Paul Rauker, vice president of Systems and Controls at Daikin Applied.

Rauker explained that Daikin’s focus on IoT as it relates to the cloud centers on a global approach. The company wants to ensure that they can deliver services across an enterprise. The same message of deliverability carries over into Daikin’s push for mobility. But, Daikin is not focusing on apps, like other companies. Instead, they are focused on a strong user experience, allowing users to connect through a secured browser without worrying about if a device is Android, Apple, Windows, etc.
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