Fortune's Stacy Higginbotham looks at Verizon's roadmap to capitalize on the Internet of Things, as the cellular giant made $495 million in revenue this year on connected devices, but is now preparing to take a bigger slice of the pie.

The firm is looking beyond cellular connections toward different applications. For instance, Verizon created ThingSpace, a cloud product that that can accept data from connected objects and let companies leverage that data to build applications. 

More unique to Verizon, it is also offering lower priced LTE modems that developers can use in their products to connect them to a cellular network.

... As part of its emphasis on selling tools rather than building an entire application, Verizon is looking for partners and sharing revenue. Verizon now has 1,500 partners and Lanman says it has three teams looking for those partnerships with one focused on industrial use cases, another on consumer use cases and the third on telematics in cars.

Verizon’s recently launched Hum device that connects consumers to their cars is an example of a product that crosses the boundary of both the telematics and the consumer group.

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