CNBC's Diana Olick takes a closer look at one builder that's working to design a series of custom kitchen models that reflect the needs and lifestyle preferences of its inhabitants. 

Atlanta-based Pulte is currently running focus groups through kitchen models, designed by potential suppliers such as Whirlpool, Moen, and Kohler. The project is attempting to hone in on what exactly specific groups of buyers, like millennials and baby boomers, prefer. According to the latest data, both report seeking urban homes that make-up for in amenities what they may lack in square-footage. 

"I like to entertain and I like to be around people. I want to be able to see everybody," said Billie Jo Hill, another member of the focus group. "If your kitchen is closed off and that's how you like it, you're probably the person who doesn't want to entertain, doesn't want to be the life of the party."

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