Immigration to America by nation of origin by time period.

Bans on letting certain racial or ethnic groups settle in America isn't a recent issue; the practice has been happening for more than 200 years.

Alvin Chang writes that America has an extended history of who they allow into the country and who they choose not to. In 1820, there were only about 9.7 million people in America, now immigrants make up a good majority of the population. 

In 1790, the US 
banned nonwhite people from naturalizing as citizens. In 1798, the US authorized the president

 to detain or deport non-citizens who were considered "dangerous to the peace and safety" of the country.

Fast forward 80 years, and the US started banning all Chinese laborers from immigrating to the country. Tilted quota systems and systematically biased policies shaped the kind of people who could come the country. It wasn't until the past 60 years — when racial quotas were repealed — that immigrant demographics showed any semblance of diversity.

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