Architects renderings.

Project management professional Tom Conzelman wants to stir the pot here on one of construction's long-standing difficult-to-resolve issues: Who pays when an architect's design errors lead to costly delays or project re-work?

The article probes a hypothetical design error and offers three scenarios on who should eat the costs. All three scenarios involve pain to one or more of the parties involve, including mostly, the "owner" or client in the case. Here's the big bleeping insight:

Reasonable people can and will disagree on which option should apply, but we can all agree on one thing: The method (process), timing and choice of (and content of) contracts with expert professionals are all critically important to the success of a major improvement. In particular, the focus must be on the timing. Said another way, if the client blows the opportunity to get it right at the front-end of the project, there are few, if any, cost effective or painless remedies.

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