Builders are busy right about now preparing for the possible onslaught of Hurricane Matthew. The Miami Herald reports:

It’s not clear yet if South Florida will take a direct hit from Hurricane Matthew. But with a building boom underway across the region — there are 117 condo towers under construction east of I-95 in the tri-county area, according to’s data, as well as commercial expansions and renovations, museums going up, public works projects and home-building — no construction firm wants to be caught off guard.

That’s because unfinished buildings invite in water and wind that could increase the damage. Window openings without glass must to be boarded up so the winds don’t create uplift and potentially rip off the roof. Those decorative privacy screens attached to fences around job sites can become sails — those have to come down. Extra generators and pumps are brought in for post-storm clean up. And how about supplies and debris on a construction site, like timber and roof tiles and tools?

“If you don’t clean up your site, every piece of timber and shoring and tools become a flying missile that now only damages building but could endanger people — and it is 100 percent preventable,” said Glinn of Skanska, with projects ongoing at Broward Health North, Chris Everett Children’s Hospital and Barry University, among others.

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