Homedit's founder Stefan takes a look at one of the most underutilized colors in the residential design palette (orange), and shows you how to use it.  Because of its reputation as a 1970s retro-chic staple, most decorators that are not going for that look has been known to avoid it. 

However, Homedit claims the rule book has orange all misunderstood, and with the right color combinations and breaks, orange has much unrealized potential as a brilliant accent shade--as long everything else is kept clean and simple. 

An ideal use of orange is to add warmth to a reception room, for instance with an accented wall that forms a chimney breast. Predominantly white living spaces will get a lift from one plain mid-orange wall, set off by a few cushions. If the room has plenty of natural light you can get away with two accented walls without the look becoming over done.

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