Fast Company's Diana Budds takes an in-depth look at the process behind famed industrial designer Konstantin Grcic's collaboration with Muji to develop a 105-square-foot, prefabricated hut.  

The Munich-based designer (​who has minimal experience as a builder or architect) walks through his approach which highlights functionality influenced by his industrial background.  The hut's design rethinks traditional notions of shelter—eliminating a bathroom or kitchen from the miniature "home."

A good building is one that wastes as few resources as possible. Prefab shelters are often touted as cheaper and less resource-intensive than traditional buildings, but the reality doesn't always match the hype. So Grcic alit on a clever idea: Instead of creating a form and reverse-engineering how it could be constructed, he let the capabilities of an existing assembly line dictate the design. Fabrication first, form second.

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