The Houston Business Journal reports on home builder with a vision of boomer retirees who want to remain near family in the Bayou City.

When Steve VonHofe brought Sitterle Homes to Houston in 2012, the longtime home builder knew he had to set the luxury brand apart from its crowded competition.

For 52 years, Sitterle Homes has built more than 4,000 homes — from small patio homes to large family homes — across San Antonio and Austin. But in Houston, VonHofe decided to focus Sitterle Homes’ efforts largely on one product: luxury garden homes catering to the growing number of retiring Baby Boomers.

Sitterle Homes’ high-end patio homes are typically one to one-and-a-half stories tall and sits on 50-, 55- and 60-foot lots. Although the home builder constructs larger homes on 70- and 80-foot lots in Houston, the vast majority of its homes in the Bayou City — about 95 percent — consist of these smaller, luxury garden homes, VonHofe said. Click through the slideshow to tour a home by Sitterle Homes.

“That’s our niche,” VonHofe said. “I saw a big wave of Baby Boomers coming. Instead of living in Colorado or a resort town, they want to live close to their families right here in Houston.”

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