NAHB's Jerry Howard.
NAHB's Jerry Howard.

There's no question the Obama Administration inherited a crashed housing market and managed it back to relative health. But it is not growing as robustly as it should be, and leaders of the housing industry want the next president to attend to making sure it does. The Hill reports:

Jerry Howard, president of the National Association of Home Builders, who hosted the Clinton and Trump campaigns, said it is time to get beyond the implosion of the housing market.

“We’ve now gotten far enough past the housing crisis, and I would suggest respectfully that the efforts since the housing crisis have been band-aids. And now we really need to look at the root of the problems and how to correct them,” Howard said.

Builders plan to ask the next administration to look more closely at the goals for the industry. Specifically, they are calling for federal rules to be clarified to boost homeownership while making sure that consumers are protected from any sort of "unseemly activity," Howard said.

“You need legislation that simplifies the home buying process while protecting the homebuyer,” he said.

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