Brown: Victim of his own party.
Brown: Victim of his own party.

Here's an editorial from the San Diego Union Tribune on the all-but-dead proposal from California Governor Jerry Brown, a Democrat, to fast-track affordable housing by exempting those developers that offer it from cumbersome and expensive review. The most surprising fact in this story is that the proposal was killed by Democrats.

With the legislative session in its final days in Sacramento, it would take something bordering on a miracle to resuscitate Gov. Jerry Brown’s ambitious proposal to clear obstacles to adding housing stock. A coalition of local governments, environmental groups and unions that oppose changing our miserable housing status quo — and reducing the influence they have over building decisions — has persuaded enough lawmakers to take the easy way out and do nothing.

In the wake of this failure, we hope every resident rejects the narrative of success and progress that lawmakers will inevitably bring home after the legislative session wraps up this week. This session was an utter debacle for efforts to address the biggest problem in California, a huge driver of poverty and personal misery and a big reason why our children will increasingly leave our state for one where a $65,000 annual salary means a solidly middle-class life, not paycheck-to-paycheck survival.

...It is stunning that so many elected Democrats — whose party speaks so often of “social justice” — don’t grasp the mass injustice of housing policies that hurt the poor and older renters with fixed incomes and that steadily hollow out the middle class.

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