More opposition to Calfornia Governor Jerry Brown's proposal to streamline the approval process for developments that include substantial affordable housing components, via SoCal Public Radio:

Last month Governor Jerry Brown proposed a bill to shorten the time it takes developers to get a housing project off the ground. But today, about 50 housing advocates across the state announced their opposition to that idea, and said they'd fight to get lawmakers to reject it.

Brown's bill would aim to speed up residential development by reducing the amount of time developers spend soliciting and responding to community input. Developers would also be subject to less environmental review.

The Alliance for Community Transit - Los Angeles is one of the coalitions who joined with about 50 other advocates in a letter against the bill. Laura Raymond, campaign director for the ACT-LA said the bill would do just the opposite of what it intends to do.

“The premise of it is that it is going to be providing affordable housing, and (that the development of affordable housing) should be streamlined," she said. "But we could get a lot more affordable housing through a rigorous community engagement process."

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