Couple house-hunting in Silicon Valley.

The nation's priciest housing market is not one for the feint-of-heart when it comes to hunting for a house that may fit one's particular needs.

Washington Post columnist Todd C. Frankel offers an account of what it's like for a couple who have good, well-paying tech jobs, two kids, and time on their hands--months of it--to look for houses in the seven figures that would go for low six figures in most other markets. Frankel writes:

The median home value in the San Jose region — which includes the headquarters of Facebook, Apple and Google — has reached $922,100, five times that of the nation overall and 2.5 times the Washington area’s $356,000 median, according to real estate website

That’s also 20 percent higher than nearby San Francisco, the nation’s No. 2 market and the usual target of eye-rolling about a tech-fueled, out-of-control housing market.

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