Rounded edges, black metals, and classic ornamentation are in. What's out?

Wall Street Journal staffer David A. Keeps looks at materials, shapes, sensibilities, ornamentation and palette as he canvases a pantheon of interior design's deities for what's waxing and what has waned.

Keeps' five picks pull no punches. Here's how he writes of one of them, black metals.

“There is nothing fussy about iron and blackened steel,” said Mr. Butera. No longer sidelined as the metal for overwrought outdoor furniture or bed frames, the decidedly unflashy material is appearing as simple hardware, bathroom fixtures and even flatware, said British interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard. Contemporary designers, such as Jasper Morrison blend it with wood and glass, or sometimes create entire pieces of matte black metal. “Welders are the new rock stars,” enthused New York designer Julia Haney-Montanez.

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