Once-popular luxurious wallpaper designs are making a comeback, largely due to a sudden resurgence in interest in European wallpaper makers.

Wall Street Journal staffer J.S. Marcus reports that Fromental, a London-based interiors label, specializes in chinoiserie-style wall decorations. It was launched in 2005 by couple Tim Butcher and Lizzie Deshayes, and the company makes wallpaper out of hand-painted silk on handmade rice paper.

"Its bespoke designs might include silk that is hand-gilded, then painted, then embroidered. While displaying artistry, the designs “come to life when they are wallpaper,” says Mr. Butcher, not as an art-like installation on one featured wall. “You need to wrap the entire room.”

"Wallpaper “gives instant gratification,” says Paris-based interior designer Jean-Louis Deniot, who specializes in high-end residential projects on both sides of the Atlantic. He uses it in all his interiors, he says, noting a new trend toward hanging individual panels in a compelling array."

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