A low-cost semi-custom home business model.
Photo courtesy Welford Tiller 

Twilight Homes has created a new subsidiary, EOS New Homes, with the goal of providing entry-level homes outside the Albuquerque-area. Albuquerque Business First staffer Stephanie Guzman reports on the company's foray into the semi-custom home market. 

The homes will be built on several lots in Los Lunas and north Rio Rancho; they will  be about 1,000 square ft. with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a one car garage. Most importantly, they address a perceived gap in the market:

"A lot of homebuyers were looking at purchasing resale homes because the price of new lots have been pushing up the price of new homes," Pizzonia said. "We saw these folks going this way and thought to offer a better alternative to them."

For more information on Twilight Homes move into the Albuquerque-area, check out Albuquerque Business First.

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