WalletHub data on household plans to spend on holiday gift-giving.

WalletHub rankings maestro Richie Bernardo taps the data-crunching capabilities of partner TransUnion to calculate the maximum holiday budgets for each of 563 U.S. cities.

Wow, wow, wow. The amounts households intend to spend, the spreads, the rankings, it's all quite intriguing and probably a heat-map of economic well-being in disguise. Bernardo writes:

In order to identify the U.S. cities with the biggest holiday budgets, WalletHub’s analysts compared 563 cities across five key metrics: 1) Income, 2) Age, 3) Debt-to-Income Ratio, 4) Monthly Income-to-Monthly Expenses Ratio and 5) Savings-to-Monthly Expenses Ratio. Our calculation is based on WalletHub’s proprietary algorithm.

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