Kids and dogs, who go with something known as a family, are moving to different places than hipsters.
Timid boy is holding of the mother on the garden.

Domestic migration patterns tell a story of how part of the American social fabric is re-working itself, clustering tribal groups of hip, pre-, or uncoupled knowledge workers on one end of the spectrum, and a renascent married-with-children group on the other.

The latter group is redefining a notion of affordability around attainability, which is a combination of assets, elbow grease, and sometimes stretched resources. Livability city editor Mitch Kline says it this way:

The study's authors point to affordability as a key factor in where parents choose to raise their children. More than 80 percent of married couples now live in single-family homes, and the most affordable homes tend to be located in the suburbs or outside large cities.

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